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Lead, They'll Follow

"The need could not be greater. Fathers and families face serious spiritual challenges. Knights of Columbus plays an important role in helping men become better fathers, husbands, and leaders. Together we help each other find our mission and conform our lives to Christ and our Order’s principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. When we lead in this way we experience fulfilment, relationships improve, and others follow. Know men who are searching for faith and eager to do more? Send them to for info. Lead, they’ll follow." --Prepared by Knights of Columbus April 2022

Step 1A Invitations Online

You may use either of the following method to invite men to join the Knights of Columbus, Smartphone or Computer.  Be sure to use the promotional code. 12 months of Free Membership only applies to Online Membership. Use of Form100 is not online membership.

Use the candidate's mobile smartphone and appropriate QR code:







You can also use your computer, laptop, or tablet:


As we continue to celebrate the October 31, 2020 Beatification of our beloved founder, Blessed Michael J. McGivney, please enter the Promo Code BLESSEDMCGIVNEY for 12 months of free online membership.


Desde ahora y hasta el 31 de diciembre, use el código promocional BLESSEDMCGIVNEY y obtenga 12 meses de membresía en línea gratis.

Step 1B Delta Church Drives

Order a Delta Church Drive kit (English #DRIVE-KITE, Spanish #DRIVE-KITS) from Supplies Online. Access to Supplies Online is open to grand knights and financial secretaries with their login credentials. The kits are available at no charge; maximum order is 2 kits per day.

In addition to the training classes presented by Supreme Training Directors, State Council Membership Director Rod Olguin may assist you on the day of your Delta Church Drive. Contact him at 559-681-2630 or by email at

Delta Church Drives are new, are easy to conduct, and have been proven to be successful.

Step 2 Exemplifications

Online Exemplification Video

Download and use Guidelines #10991to conduct the Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. While it is preferable that the ceremony be performed live, it is acceptable to have candidates participate in the ceremony using the pre-recorded video.


Video on Demand

The On-Demand ceremony can be accessed by candidates online 24 hours a day. Before inviting a candidate to participate in the On-Demand ceremony, make sure your council has completed their standard admissions process and has collected the information needed for his form 100. 


On-Demand Video in English

On-Demand Video in Spanish

In-Person Charity, Unity, Fraternity Exemplification

In-Person Exemplification ceremony is the Preferred Method, with family and friends in attendance.  Fellowship, photos, and light refreshments are part of the ceremony.


Other councils may accept your candidates in their ceremony if your council is not ready for an in-person Exemplification.

See Calendar for Exemplification dates.

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