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We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, comments or to take a different action specific to the site. See Policy and Procedure below for submitting your articles, council news, and activity/event photos for publication.  Can't wait? Call the web administrator; he's also a member of the Knights of Columbus.


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Thanks for submitting!

Submit your photos and articles for publication in the Chapter Website

Policy The site has been created for the benefit of Northern California Chapter members of the Knights of Columbus. It was designed to inform and provide links to other useful sites and assist members in the performance of Chairity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism activities. It was not meant to supersede any instructions provided by any Supreme, State, or Chapter official. 


The site administrator will welcome articles and council activity photos for publication if the items submitted conform to the values of faith, service, and brotherhood of the knights of Columbus. The officers of the Northern California Chapter are the owners of the site will be the sole determinants of what will be published.


Articles submitted for publication are to be in pdf (portable document format). In most instance, documents written in Microsoft Word Document (*.docx) and Microsoft Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) also may be acceptable. Material in other formats (e.g. Google Forms, Google sheets) will not be received for publication. 


Flyers of council activities are to be in digital .jpg or .pdf format.

Images of children will not be published unless you can provide a Release Form from a parent or guardian.


Send the photographs, with a caption, to; do not use the above Contact Us form. Check with your State Advocate and Officer Desk Reference section "Media Publicity and Council Public Relations" guidelines before submitting your photographs. The Officer Desk Reference section provides information on how to take better photographs and includes a sample Release Form.

Most photographs of council activities may be acceptable for publication. Some non-KofC digital images that include Biblical phrases and drawings that are sent among friends (via WhatsApp, Messenger, Tik Tok, etc) will not be published.

When in doubt Seek the advice of your Chapter President / State Advocate.


Calendar Events


Complete information is required for calendar events. Provide the following details and make it easier for your viewers to participate in your events:

Who?  Contact information, is it a council, ministry, special non-KofC presenter?

What? Is it a meeting, a Sunday Breakfast, an Exemplification, training class, etc?]

When? Date(s) and time(s), start and end times, all-day event, repeating event?

Where? Location, street address, not just the church name, meeting room number/name?

Why? Purpose of the event, e.g. business meeting, training, sales, audit, conference, festival? 

How? In-person attendance, online (Zoom, GoToMeeting, website, etc), video presentation?

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