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Site Map

This is the site map of website Northern CA Chapter created by District Deputy 16 Robert Martinez, at the request of Chapter President Hector Poblete. Publication date: October 1, 2022

Home Page - Updated on 09/18/2023

This is the Welcome page of the chapter site. From the menu viewers can select individual pages of the site. The Home page also lists the chapter officers, committee chairmen, and district deputies. Subpages are President's Message, Chaplain's Message, State Deputy's Message

President's Message - Updated on 07/21/2023

The President's Message page is updated as the Chapter President issues replacement messages

Chaplain's Message - Updated on 09/05/2023

The Chaplain's page is updated with Chapter, State, Supreme Chaplain's messages

State Council Messages - Updated on 09/17/2023

The State Council Messages page is updated as the State Officers issue replacement messages

Prayer Request- Updated on 09/26/2023

The Prayer Request page for the sick and deceased prayer requests from State Deputy

Incentives- Updated on 09/18/2023

This page includes the latest membership incentives 

Chapter News - Updated on 09/17/2023

Items of interest to the members of the chapter will be published on this page

Calendar - Updated on 09/20/2023

This is the calendar of activities submitted by Northern California Chapter members. Events on the calendar are not removed, but links on past events may not be functional

Event Flyers - Updated on 09/20/2023

Event flyers submitted by the members are posted on this page and removed soon after the event date

En Español

This page is under construction

Patriotic Degree- Updated on 09/13/23

Lead, They'll Follow

This page invites the viewers to join the Knights of Columbus

Training Classes - This page is under construction

This page gives information on how to access the supreme training classes.

Program News - Updated on 09/05/2023

This page will include current events information and schedules

Program Resources - Updated on 08/17/2023

This is a resource page of the many forms available to record member activities

This page is a list of the links for the resources available to the viewers

This page includes up to 50 photos of the latest of chapter activities

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