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State & Supreme Council's Message

New messages from our California State Council and the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council will be published as they are received, and, depending on content, may replace previous messages.

Message from State Deputy - 11/01/2023

Worthy Brothers,


It starts with ONE…


When we joined the Knights of Columbus, we joined to serve, to help. As you know we have dedicated this Columbian Year to St Teresa of Calcutta. Mother Teresa was once asked, when you started your ministry to serve the poorest of the poor how did you think that you could help all those people in need? Where would you start? Her answer was “Just begin one at a time. One, one, one. If I had not picked up that first person dying on the street, I would not have picked up the thousands of others later on."


We Knights already follow that way of service. We work to help those in need and start with one program whether it’s feeding someone that’s hungry, raising funds for those brothers and sisters with special needs, putting a coat on one child in the Coats for Kids program, supporting special Olympics, doing a project in the parish or community, or one of the many other ways we serve.


In Service to One, in Service to All.


Just as we start to better live out our faith we may start with one rosary, one retreat, one bible study or begin one Cor program, take part in one more Holy Hour, lead one procession, or the many other ways we work to expand our relationship with God. By sponsoring and supporting these events we help others to grow in their faith right along with us.


By inviting one man to join our Order, we change one family at a time, welcoming them to become better Catholics and a stronger family. And then we invite one more and then one more, we cannot stop opening that door to the next Brother and his family. Giving the opportunity to join the Knights of Columbus is a duty, just as is the mission of evangelizing the good news of Jesus Christ to everyone.


Brothers, don’t forget those brothers that you haven’t see in a long time. We must search them out one by one to see why they haven’t been attending meetings or events. Tell them they have been missed, ask them to attend just one activity and then maybe one more, to get them back home with us. See if these brothers have had some kind of problem or situation that we can help them with. This is more than retention this keeping our Knights of Columbus family together, we don’t call each other brother for nothing.

And if you are one of those brothers that haven been around, reach out to one of your brothers to tell them why. You are missed, you are valued, you are loved. Please give us one more chance we need you.


The Order was started by Blessed Father McGivney to bring men back to the church, serve the Church and to help those in need. It starts with one man.


Mother Teresa also said “Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you”.


My brothers, I am very proud of you and all the good that you do. May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.



Vivat Jesus!




State Deputy 2023-2024

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